2017 - A Year in Pictures

Annual Wreath-Making Workshop - November 28, 2017 - Whallonsburg Grange

A baker’s dozen of us jump-started the holiday spirit Tuesday, November 28, as we gathered for our annual wreath workshop at the Whallonsburg Grange.  This year we were also on a mission – to decorate a wreath for ourselves and another for Families First.  We were a merry band, sharing everything from clippers to clippings, baubles to babble.  Soups and treats topped off a memorable AGC morning.  To hosts, Delia, Lois and Liz, and wreath-maker, Travis Pulsifer, heartfelt gratitude all-around.

A view of Heaven Hill Farm

A view of Heaven Hill Farm

October Meeting - October 1, 2017 - Heaven Hill Farm

White Elephant

White Elephant

White elephant sale.jpg

Annual Meeting - September 12, 2017 - Crater Club, Essex

Joint Meeting with Garden Club of Lake Placid - August 15, 2017 - Whiteface Club, Moose Lodge


Picnic In The Orchard - July 18, 2017 Meeting - Forrence's followed by Rulf's Orchard



Horticulture Workshop - July 17, 2017 - The Wild Center

Some of us met at the Wild Center July 17 to plant some pollinators and to demonstrate how this was done and have any visitors who wished to, to participate in the planting as well.  We had not planned on the rain but still some brave souls came out to watch, to comment, to ask questions and to participate!

Evolution of a Private Country Garden - June 21, 2017 - Essex, New York

For our June meeting, we were blessed with a glorious day -- the first in what has seemed like an endless string of cold and wet Spring days -- to be welcomed to a private country garden at Carole Slatkin's home in Essex, New York.  In case of the weather gods not cooperating though, Delia Thompson secured us a 'big-top' type tent, guaranteeing of course that we would have a wonderful day, after all.  Carole Slatkin welcomed us and members walked through the garden with her, around the home and barns, through various garden rooms, discussing her plantings, the design, the evolution of the property's gardens, the wildlife she encourages.  We finished up back under the 'big-top' for our beverages and finger-foods we had brought to enjoy and share. 

May Meeting - May 16, 2017 - Whallonsburg Grange

On May 16,2017, the AGC met at the Whallonsburg Grange for a propagation demonstration and workshop led by Meredith Hanna and Corn Forrence.

The Annual Letter from our President, Nancy Howard

July 2017


The timing of this annual letter coincides with the call for membership dues.  Please send your dues by August 15.  As always, we encourage you to contribute to a fund or two.  Simply add the amount to your dues. 

Now then, what an extraordinary season we’ve mapped for ourselves.  Program, Hospitality and Visiting Gardens are to be summarily congratulated for their perseverance in planning throughout the intervening months.  And already Communications, Publicity and Website are reflecting our busyness.  Finally, a nod to AGC’s Executive Committee for keeping apace with numerous meetings fall, winter and spring. Hear!  Hear!  Here:

May’s membership meeting was downright fun.  Corn and Meredith merrily immersed us in various means and ways of plant propagation.  And there were takeaways.  June’s meeting, inspired by Laura, we strolled with Carole Slatkin among her magnificent country gardens in the late afternoon. Afterward, we relaxed and socialized under a tent.

July 10 Visiting Gardens journey is to Cady Falls Nursery in Vermont.

July 18 Picnic in the Orchardmembership’s visit to the Forrence family’s home and apple orchards promises to be a rare, insightful treat.  July 13 numerous AGC members will spend several midday hours at The Wild Center to host a pollinator garden planting demonstration. 

August 8 Archives has invited us to explore our AGC library.  I promise you will come away pleased and proud.  August 15 membership will hear from and inquire with two uniquely focused landscape architects during a joint luncheon with Garden Club of Lake Placid at Moose Lodge on Lake Placid.  Afterward, we will visit and learn about the brilliant wedding garden just outside.  Ora Smith has graciously offered to open her classic camp to our annual membership meeting September 12, and on October 1, our membership pot luck at Heaven Hill will find us reminiscing about last year’s busy pleasures, and committing to AGC committees.


Nancy Howard, President

FLOWER SHOW 2016 -- More than 150 great photos like these below from our triumphant 2016 Flower Show. 

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Have fun reminiscing on the work and fun we all had, pulling together as a Club!