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Inventory of Archive Images – Feb. 28, 2014 (Cindy’s computer) below:


1.  Guide to Composting 

2.  Cast iron logo 

3.  Colonial Garden Tshirt/ photo of design only 

4.  75th Anniv. Dinner poster 

5.  Food, Flowers, Fireworks Cookbook 

6.  Half-Century Auction poster 

7.  NAL 2012 Tote and contents 

8.  River Study cover 

9.  Stationery samples 

10.  Founders’ Garden bookplates 

11.  Zone III Mtg handpainted bag 

12.  Zone III mtg pack basket and contents 

13.  Zone III mtg plaque 

14.  UVM photos of Colonial Garden 


Happy’s photos 

1.  Container gardens 

2.  Mushroom paintings 

3.  Twig trellis views 


PDF Format scans 

1.  Items relating to the Colonial Garden 

2.  River Study illustrations 

3.  30th anniv song lyrics 

4.  50th anniv invitation 

5.  65th anniv. Black Fly Dinner Dance 

6.  Photo of ADK chairs from 2006 Zone III mtg. 

7.  Photo of Liz and Nancy with award for 2012 NAL mtg 

8.  Photo of ECAGC china 

9.  Dig-It flyer 

10.  Article re visit to Essex Farms from GCA bulletin 

11.  Flat Rock camp photo 

12.  Model gas station photo 

13.  Photo of ECAGC archivists from GCA bulletin 

14.  Geographical distribution map of ECAGC 

15.  Jay Petro preparing pack basket with floral arrangement 

16.  Logo, bookplate, business cards 

17.  Order of Merit guidelines 

18.  Photo of needlepoint rug 

19.  Recycling guide cover  

20.  Photo of Ruth Hart’s garden 

21.  Summer Institute brochure – 1938 

22.  Zone III Mtg.2006 brochure