Fort Orange Garden Club: Flower Show June 6 and 7, 2018

Pruyn House
Town of Colonie Historic and Cultural Center

207 Old Niskayuna Road
Latham, NY 12110

Open to the public – Free of Charge

June 6, 3pm-5pm  - June 7, 10am-2pm

For full details on the final schedule, click here.


Flower Show Schedule 2016 - Click Here


Flower Show 2016 Committee --


Chairman                                 Grace S. Crary                         518-439-0802                          gracecrary524@gmail.com

Co-Chairman                           Renee Lewis                           518-963-8049                          cressex@aol.com

Club President                          Liz Jaques                               518-576-4233                          ljaques1150@gmail.com

Division Chairmen

Division I Floral Design         Renee Lewis                            518-963-8049                          cressex@aol.com

Division II Horticulture          Meredith Hanna                      518-963-4141                          meredithanna@gmail.com

Division III Photography       Nan Paternotte                        410-340-8638                          ndeweyb@gmail.com

Division IV Conservation/Education

                                                  Katherine Houseal                  518-962-2677                          khouseal@yahoo.com

Awards                                      Renee Lewis                           518-963-8049                          cressex@aol.com

Class Consultants

Floral Design

                                                  Grace Crary                            518-439-0802                          gracecrary524@gmail.com

                                                  Renee Lewis                          518-963-8049                          cressex@aol.com


                                                 Meredith Hanna                     518-963-4141                          meredithhanna@gmail.com

                                                 Cornelia Forrence                   518-563-5261                          cornylou4@aol.com

Photography                           Nan Paternotte                       410-340-8638                          ndeweyb@gmail.com

Judges and Clerks                  Cornelia Forrence                    518-563-5261                          cornylou4@aol.com


Dinner/Luncheon                   Janet L. Molay                      518-897-2191                          janenzo@aol.com

Accommodations                    Joyce McLean                       518-523-2695                          maclean1@verizon.net

Passing                                    Maureen Ecclesine                  518-963-8833                          mojoecc4@gmail.com

Publicity                                  Airlie Lennon                          518-359-7417                          airlie.lennon@gmail.com


Floral Design                          Renee Lewis                         518-963-8049                          cressex@aol.com

Horticulture                            Maureen Ecclesine                518-963-8833                          mojoecc4@gmail.com

Photography                          Nan Paternotte                      410-340-8638                          ndeweyb@gmail.com

Schedule/Printing                  Grace Crary                             518-439-0802                          gracecrary524@gmail.com

Signage/Graphics                  Audrey Desjardins                  212-274-1437                          challonerstudios@yahoo.com

Staging                                    Liz Jaques                               518-576-4233                          ljaques1150@gmail.com

Treasurer                                Cynthia Palen                          518-963-8864                          palencyn@aol.com