Gardening is the most therapeutic and DEFIANT act you can do, plus you get strawberries!     

Ron Finley

Horticulture - what is it?

Horticulture may seem like a fancy word, but it only means how to grow more plants, and to nurture and make successful the ones you have.  A little bit of knowledge can go a long way.  Sometimes it does seem like magic -- "green thumb" or "black thumb" -- but we hope to unlock some of those mysteries so you can experience magic in your own garden, too.  We'll show you what works for success, even if your gardens may be located, like ours, in a challenging Adirondack climate.

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Horticulture - pruning, transplanting, initial planting, maintenance and TLC


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    Recently many of our members introduced their own favorite gardening books, click here to read that list of fascinating and varied titles.