The Adirondack Garden Club encourages those studying horticulture, conservation, or ecology, through our annual scholarship financial award.  We encourage you to apply by contacting us, below using the orange CONTACT box in the footer of this page. Click here for a list of our recent recipients for the Ellen Lea Paine Nature Fund Grants.



The Adirondack Garden Club Ellen Lea Paine Memorial Nature Fund was established in 2005 to give financial assistance to individuals and not-for-profit organizations – including schools – involved in programs whose purpose is to study, protect and enjoy the natural environment within the Adirondack Park.  The maximum amount per grant is $1500.

Please answer all questions.  Send no more than one additional descriptive page.  We will request additional information if needed.  This form must accompany all applications.  The deadline for applications is MAY 15, 2019. The form may be accessed HERE.

The AGC E.L. Paine Fund Award 2017 Recipient

One of the things we debate a lot in the North Country is education. How to pay for schools? What should our schools teach? Should there be big standardized tests? Learn more the Lakeside School in Essex, NY here: Last child in the woods? Not if this Adirondack school can help it.

Our Awards

We take great pride in recognizing the notable achievements of public-minded citizens in our region whose outstanding efforts protect our fragile environment.  Our own Club's members have been the recipients of many Garden Club of America national awards and awards within our own Zone III region.  Annually we also recognize and award our own Club members whose hard work and contributions have been memorable. 


GCA Conservation Award - 2015 'Outstanding Conservation Exhibit'

KUDOS to our Conservation Exhibit Committee and other members for their outstanding exhibit -- and winning the Marion Thompson Fuller Brown Conservation Award at the GCA Annual Meeting in Rochester, NY, May 17, 2015!  A joint effort, the Conservation Committee and other members created this exhibit over several months.  Congratulations and thank you to: Elizabeth Derr for her drive and determination, Katherine Houseal, Delia Thompson, Audrey Desjardins who did a phenomenal job with the design and artwork, Carol Blakeslee-Collin, Lynne Perry, and Meredith Hanna all supported.  APIPP helped with much of the information, Carl Heilman's photo was the centerpiece of it all, and Debbie at the Lake Placid UPS store did wonderful work on the printing, it wasn't an easy job.  Thank you all for your vision, dedication, and hard work bringing the Adirondacks to life, along with the importance of protecting this amazing national treasure.

GCA National Medals and Awards

1982 - Cynthia Pratt Laughlin Medal - Richard Lawrence  “In appreciation of his nationally significant service to conservation and for his continual effort to conserve for future generations, the fragile heritage of natural beauty.

1996 - Florens DeBevoise Medal - Dr. Edwin Ketchledge  “Awarded for horticultural achievement in the field of nurturing the sub alpine plants of the Adirondack High Peaks and his pioneering role in recovery, studying, cataloguing, and restoring.

2003 - Public Relations Award - Essex County Adirondack Garden Club for the publication of River Study.

2008 - Margaret Douglas Medal - Betsy Lowe  “Awarded for notable service to the cause of conservation education.”

GCA Flower Show Award

1992 - Marion Fuller Thompson Brown Conservation Award - Essex County Adirondack Garden Club for the Conservation Exhibit at the July 1992 Flower Show  

GCA Zone III Awards - Members

1977 Mary Prime, Conservation

1993 Ann Gardner, Creative Leadership

1996 Francisca P. Irwin, Conservation

1998 Anne Lacy Trevor, Horticultural Arts

2006 Nancy Howard, Conservation

2006 Francisca P. Irwin, Creative Leadership

2006 Darcey H. Hale, Historic Preservation

2010 Meredith Prime, Civic Improvement

2012 Frisky Hickey, Horticultural Arts

GCA Zone III Awards - Non-Members

2003 William Johnston, Civic Improvement

2006 The Hon. George E. Pataki, Governor of the State of New York, Conservation Certificate

2006 Adirondack Architectural Heritage Organization           Historic Preservation Certificate

GCA Club Awards - Members

1965 Francisca W. Paine, Medal of Merit

1971 Mary F. Prime, Medal of Merit

1983 Elizabeth W. Lawrence, Medal of Merit

1987 Margaret Byrne, Medal of Merit

1991 Ann Gardner, Medal of Merit

1991 Francisca P. Irwin, Horticultural Achievement

1992 Euphemia V. Hall, Medal of Merit

1993 Charlotte Jones, Horticultural Achievement

1994 Keela Rogers, Horticulture Achievement

1994 Sally Webb, Certificate of Appreciation

1995 Meredith Prime, Certificate of Appreciation

1995 Ruth Blank, Conservation Achievement

1995 Shirley Twitchell, Flower Arranging

1995 Barbara Parnass, Historic Preservation

1995 Sarah Disney, Horticulture Achievement

1995 Francisca P. Irwin, Medal of Merit

1997 Happy Marsh, Medal of Merit

1998 Jane Owens, Horticulture Achievement

2002 Suzanne Perley, Medal of Merit

2005 Nancy Howard, Conservation Achievement

2006 Keela Rogers, Medal of Merit

2006 Grace Crary, Medal of Merit

2007 Happy Marsh, Medal of Merit

GCA Club Awards - Non-Members

1982     Greenleaf Chase            Horticulture Certificate of Acknowledgement

1997     Dr. Michael Kudish        Horticulture Certificate of Acknowledgement

1999     Robin Ulmer                    Conservation Certificate of Acknowledgement

2010     Sally Patrick Johnson    Historic Preservation Commendation

2011     Adirondack Harvest       Civic Improvement Commendation

2012   Champlain Area Trails Civic Improvement Commendation

Essex County Adirondack Garden Club Members -- Serving on the Zone or National Level

Sarah Pell                            Director of GCA

Francisca Warren Paine     Director and Member at large of GCA

Francisca Paine Irwin         Zone III Director

                                              Zone III Endowment Committee Representative    

                                              Zone III Conservation Representative

                                              Zone III Publications Representative

Ann Gardner                        GCA Treasurer

                                               Zone III Founder’s Fund Representative

                                               Zone III Nominating Committee Representative

                                               Chairman of the National GCA Policy Committee

Happy Marsh                         Zone III Awards Representative

                                                Vice-Chair of the National GCA Awards Committee

Nancy Howard                     Zone III Conservation and NAL Representative

                                                 NAL Committee, Vice Chairman, Forests & Redwoods

ECAGC Club Awards

Gretta Prince Memorial GCA Cachepot

1993   Liz Ackerman

1994   Mary Hale

1995   Suzanne Perley

1996   Barbara Parnass

1997   Sarah Disney

1998   Kathy Speert

1999   Euphemia V. Hall

2000   Keela Rogers

2001   Betsy Whitman

2002   Ellin Glenn

2003   Happy Marsh

2004   Caroline Lussi

2005   Gussie Baker

2006   Renee Lewis

2007   Maureen Ecclesine

2008   Suzanne Perley

2009   Delia Thompson

2010   Mary Beal

2011   Grace Crary, Lynne Perry

2012   Nancy Howard, Liz Jaques

2013   Colleen Van Hoeven

2014   Lynne Perry

2015   Laura Steenburg

Community Awards to ECAGC Members

Mary Featherstone Prime Award

  • 1983   Elizabeth Wadhams Lawrence

  • 1993   Keela Rogers

Essex County Bar Association Liberty Bell Award

  • 1990s Keela and Jim Rogers

  • 1993   Francisca P. Irwin

  • 2005   Suzanne Perley

  • 2008   Angel Brown & Kellum Smith

Adirondack Museum Harold K. Hochschild Award

  • 2001   Janet Decker

  • 2008   Meredith Prime

New York State Planning Federation Pomeroy Award for Zoning Achievement

  • 2003   Suzanne Perley for her planning efforts for the Town of Essex

Other Awards Given Occasionally

Conservation Award with Poem by Sarah D. Lowrie

Endangered Amphibian Species Award - Keela Rogers

Red Dot Special Commendation Award - Grace Crary

“In recognition of outstanding performance in the organization for an ECAGC Flower Show, by demonstrating extraordinary spirit, commitment, enthusiasm, patience, and grace under pressure, and by inspiring others to participate.”

Faithful Flower (a painted wooden flower given to long-term members)

  • Ardelle Sanderson – 44 years of service

  • Lidie McBurney – 42 years of service

  • Claire Barnett – 26 years of service

  • Kathleen Bergamini – 34 years of service

  • Margaret Byrne – 32 years of service

  • Melissa Davis – 25 years of service

  • Ann Gardner – 31 years of service

  • Cynthia Grant – 21 years of service

  • Louise Gregg – 18 years of service

  • Frisky Hickey – 24 years of service

  • Catherine Johnston – 12 years of service

  • Lou Lockwood – 36 years of service

  • Caroline Lussi – 18 years of service

  • Meredith Prime – 24 years of service

  • Peggy Prime – 18 years of service

  • Ora Smith – 12 years of service

  • Kathy Speert – 17 years of service

  • Shirley Twichell – 12 years of service

  • Virginia Weeks-Moreau – 34 years of service

Green Thumb Award ( a glove with a green thumb)

  • Anne Gardner

  • Peg Byrne

Order (or Award) of Merit – for wayside stands and filling stations “that come up to certain requirements.”

The award is the cast iron bunchberry emblem.

Club Conservation Commendation awarded to Steven Kellogg

Club Conservation Commendation awarded to Steven Kellogg

AGC's own Nancy Howard (right) receiving the GCA Zone III Directors' Award

AGC's own Nancy Howard (right) receiving the GCA Zone III Directors' Award